Audi 100

1982-1990 of release

Audi 100
+ 1.1. Controls and devices
+ 2. Technical characteristics
- 3. Engines
   - 3.1. Four-cylinder engines
      3.1.1. Removal and engine installation
      - 3.1.2. Dismantling and engine assemblage Removal and installation of a head of the block of cylinders Removal of a camshaft and pushers of valves Camshaft survey Definition of a technical condition of hydropushers of valves Installation of a camshaft and pushers of valves Removal and installation of valves (dismantling of a head of the block) Survey, Troubleshooting and repair of details of a head of the block of cylinders Backlashes between cams of a cam-shaft and pushers of valves A camshaft drive Removal and installation of an intermediate shaft Removal and flywheel installation Replacement of epiploons of a cranked shaft Removal and installation oil картера Removal, check and installation of the oil pump Dismantling of shatunno-piston group Survey and check of details of shatunno-piston group Assemblage of shatunno-piston group Removal, survey and installation of a cranked shaft
   + 3.2. Five-cylinder engines
   + 3.3. The diesel engine
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. An exhaust system
+ 6. The power supply system
+ 7. Transmission
+ 8. A running gear
+ 9. A steering
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. A body
+ 12. An electric equipment Backlashes between cams of a cam-shaft and pushers of valves

Backlashes between cams of a camshaft and pushers of valves (and DS release till September, 1985) regulate engines of models DR by means of adjusting washers which make in the thickness from 3,0 to 4,25 mm with step of 0,05 mm. The thickness is written on one of the washer parties. Backlashes on the cold engine (at temperature of a cooling liquid (2050) With should be for inlet valves (0,200,05) mm, for final (0,400,05) mm. It is necessary to regulate backlashes after grinding in and polishing of valves after installation of a new camshaft. In these cases through 1000 km of run repeatedly check and if necessary regulate backlashes in valves.


1. To uncover heads of the block of cylinders.
2. To turn a cranked shaft so that camshaft cams on the checked cylinder have been turned upwards. Щупом to check up a backlash between a cam and a pusher and to write down the received result. In the same way to check up backlashes of valves on all other cylinders. Considering from a camshaft drive, valves № 1, 3, 6, 8 – final, and valves № 2, 4, 5, 7 – inlet.
3. If the backlash exceeds admissible, it is necessary to replace an adjusting washer. For this purpose to establish the piston in century of m. т. A compression step (both valves are closed), by means of the suitable tool to press and drown a pusher on so much that it was possible to remove an adjusting washer from it. On each pusher from above there are two cuts, facilitating washer removal.
4. To measure the thickness of a washer necessary for installation of a nominal backlash.
5. To establish new adjusting washers, then to establish a cover of a head of the block of cylinders and the top cover of a drive of a camshaft with new linings.
6. If adjusting washers are not worn out and not damaged at removal, they can be used repeatedly.